8 Reasons why bands/labels should offer an MP3

March 4, 2007 Michelle Field

This story states how important is for bands, record labels and PR agencies to realise how the internet has become a must for the distribution and consumption of music. It seems that some believe that by giving away an MP3 will have a negative impact on their business. However according to this article this is not the case, in fact it seems that this type of distribution can only aid business success. The story states 8 reasons for this; reputation, repeated listening, compatibility, The Hype Machine, in my car, music blogs, podbop and I –pods.  

MP3 blogs are becoming a popular way to promote music the search engine The Hype Machine indexes music blogs which have samples of the music individuals are interested in on them. The fact is that the search engine only indexes blogs that contain MP3’s. If you want to get known as an artist it is important to reach as many people as possible so MP3s are the way forward. 3Hive is a popular music blog.  I think another very important point made by this article is that IPods have 82.7% of the portable digital music (hard drive) player market and 62.2% of the overall music player market.” Therefore if you don not have your music available for MP3 download as a member of the music business you will be missing out on a large proportion of potential consumers. This is why it is so important to meet customer demand and keep up with the latest in technology.  MP3s allow for repeated listening other formats such as streaming prevent users form keeping the copy to listen to again. It is often the case that songs grow on people meaning they will not necessarily love a track on the first listening. Yes it could be the worry that they will feel the need not o buy the track but as the article states hopefully people will become fans and want to support the band by buying the rest of the album and other merchandise that becomes available. 

In all the more ways music is distributed the more people are likely to listen to an artists music and hopefully if it is liked the more people will know the artist(s) via word of mouth.

More information on these can be found within the article at: http://blog.podbop.org/archives/2007/02/08/8_reasons_why_bandslabels_should_offer_an_mp3/


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  • 1. mc536caroline&hellip  | 

    Even by having a free 30-second sample will aid artists in promoting their music as people need to listen to a song in order to know they will like it, not matter what the reviews say. It’s interesting to see that there are actually eight reasons for doing so.

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