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February 27, 2007 Michelle Field

Sharing Music, sharing punishment

This story discusses issues on the illegal downloading of music taking place within colleges. The Recording Industry Association of America have apparently received a lot of complaints. For example
Marshall ranks 25th with 331 complaints for the 2006-07 school year who state they do not monitor downloading activity for privacy reasons. The article discusses some of the actions that have been put into place within some of the colleges within

This means that the entertainment industry is suffering from students receiving free music from the internet. However this illegal activity is not just taking place within schools, the problem is much more widespread. But perhaps this story is suggesting that the main age group that download and therefore cause the biggest concern are teenagers. Getting people to pay fro music when it is so easy to obtain for free seems to be a big issue in the online world.

”According to a survey by the Intellectual Property Institute at the University of Richmond’s School of Law, more than half of all college students illegally download music and movies”.

The article can be found at:


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  • 1. mc536caroline&hellip  | 

    I agree this is a big issue for students, especially with some colleges now threatening to suspend students if they download illegally. It seems a shame that the music industry doesn’t turn this situation around as students are a very large market.

  • 2. Taryn&hellip  | 

    I read an article on this last night, and it made me think, how can illegal downloads be stopped? I don’t think it can, there is too much out there, and its too easy to get hold of.

  • 3. Clare&hellip  | 

    I don’t see why they just don’t have restrictions on the network liek UCE has, I remember when I was living in halls and wanted to use Limewire. I couldn’t, no matter how many different routes I tried.

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