February 27, 2007 Michelle Field

BitTorrent, Joost Bringing P2P Mainstream

This story discusses two online peer to peer distributors, BitTorrent and Joost which have established legal, protected distribution of content. It states that they improve as demand increases because the more popular a file is the easier and faster it will be downloaded.

The main hope for BitTorrent’s technology is to create a legitimate environment for the millions of downloaders who previously used their technology to steal content. Among this content is music.  

Users can rent movies at $4 each, download-to-own TV shows and music videos for $2 and get user-generated content free. This ‘free’ service saves BitTorrent money whilst meeting the demands of the users. Hopefully users are also encouraged to use the other paid for services in the process. The company also plan to add a digital-rights-management-free music download service in the near future. BitTorrent is a “distributor—connecting content owners to the technology’s users in an attempt to monetize their interest in digital entertainment”.

Hopefully it will encourage customers away from the illegal sites as they aim to make the process easy and less chaotic. More than 135 million people have downloaded the BitTorrent technology worldwide.

For more information on this story visit:,1697,2098354,00.asp



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  • 1. dubber&hellip  | 

    They still have a significant problem, especially with the DRM-protected content — and that’s the fact that they’re competing with a free version of their product with an inferior version of their product.

    Joost’s USP is that now you can not only download movies and tv shows using Bittorrent, you can now also pay for it as well. Not sure that’s the killer application they were looking for.

    The idea that the only way to make money out of music, film and television is by getting people to pay a set fee for a single artefact might be the problem here.

  • 2. mc536kylie&hellip  | 

    I think that you have understood the concept of BitTorrent well, and it is useful that you have added a link to find out more information in this field.

  • 3. mc536azeem&hellip  | 

    Unfortunately, a lot of people may turn away from paying to use such services as there are a load of websites that offer the same services, often with a bigger catalogue, for free.

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