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February 23, 2007 Michelle Field

The news story that I have found particularly interesting is based on the idea of The Long Tail and how website contents should be original and niche to get noticed and picked up effiecntly by search engines.

At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in London, guest correspondent Deb Harrison,  “Long tail search is less competitive and it narrows the market.”

This story also provides tips on how to successfully keep on top of quality contents.

This suggests how buisnesses online have to constantly compete for attention (Goldhaber) and therefore it seems that it is important to perfect your web site’s contents and to get ranked highly by search engines.

This all relates to Chris Anderson’s work on The Long Tail which discusses how the internet has allowed for us to move away from main stream products, unlimited online space means that niche markets can be provided for.

The story can be found at: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2007/02/20/grabbing-that-long-tail-with-great-content


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  • 1. dubber&hellip  | 

    I think this is a really simple, but really important point. The way that the internet is currently organised FAVOURS the niche market. You’re more likely to have your music found if you sell ‘atonal harpsichord music’ than if you sell ‘pop and rock’.

    This raises an opportunity around SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and tagging as a service for independent music businesses. There are already private firms offering advice about keyword purchases in Google, and many sites that help you choose keywords that would be most appropriate for the kind of site you host.

    However, to my knowledge, there is no website SEO optimisation service that will look at your site, provide SEO analysis, ask questions about your marketing and your target audience and amend the metadata within your site to give it the best shot at being found by potential customers.

    Surely there’s money in that….

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